Monday, January 10, 2011

Finally I get to launch/write about this 2 new tees!

But 1st, I want to talk about a little more about them, what they mean, the design and all the creativity behind them.
I want a tattoo was so much fun to do!, I really loved working on it. I had so much fun working on the sleeve, mixing colors and creating all that variety of little characters surrounding the main big guy.
So why this theme?
Well, if you follow me o twitter you probably have heard me babble a lot of how much I want a tattoo but I can't have one. I see this tee as a dream come true, a bit of a self portrait and nice vision I really comes to reality one day!

For more info visit 

I am Yema.
Yema is a lot of things. Is character design, is color, is magic, is chaos but above all is a brand and I set myself a goal to focus more on Yema the brand, rather than Yema the illustrator. I really want to see more people understand what Yema is about. Besides being %100 pure characters, is about dreaming, happiness, innocence, fantasy and just going back to being a kid.
For this tee I decided to just have a nice lemon american apparel shirt and have the main logo stamped on the center front. Yema in it's most simple form.

Super simple and super Yema!
For more info visit

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tee giveaway.. How does it work?

Hello everyone again, and thanks for all the wonderful support, follows, kind words, and even harsh critiques . I want to make YemaYema grow into a world of cuteness mixed with weirdness and beautiful character designs that you can wear and be part of.
Now, to the point.. how do I win a free tee!!? well its super easy. I will post a phrase in my facebook page, this phrase will be " I want a yema tee" all you have to do, is "like" this post. That will put you automatically in the contest, then I will choose the winner from the list of "likes" and I will announce the winner via twitter. I know it sound a bit complicated, but I really want to be fair with everyone. This contest will end tomorrow at 8:00 pm (Eastern Time, USA).
I want to do this contest a bit different than last time. I want to see how it goes and how you guys respond to it. Let me know if you like or dislike!

Thanks and good luck everyone!

Ps: I ship everywhere, so if you live in Japan, Australia or even or Egypt, yema will reach your land!, no problema! ^___^

Long Time, absolutely no show on the Blog.

Long Time, absolutely no show on the Blog. Shame on me, big, big shame on me. Quite a few things have happened in the Yema world. From magazines publications to printed tees. Adding to that I am a full time mom chasing after a very energetic toddler (currently 10 months). Life is busy but very good and I am thankful for that.
Anyways in other notes, I printed a new tee! yes, We are Robots. What is this tee all about? Its yema at its pure character design, where robots gather up to pay tribute to its master robot. This design is one of my most detail designs and inorganic as well. 
Now what i like about it the most, its that is printed in a baseball tee, which is a 1st time. I love wearing that tee! its super comfortable and currently only at $15.00 its an awesome deal!
I post pics of it, so everyone can see it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Yema Yeti!

New Tee from Yema Yema is out!. This time is the big ol' Yeti. This tee is printed on a "slate color tee" American Apparel and it actually looks pretty nice. Turned out better that I expected.
How this shirt came to be was kind of special.  I really love monsters, cute ones of course, and I wanted to create some kind of "furry big guy, invading a town. I played with shapes and colors for days, and came out with this sweet design.
Give Yema Yeti a warm hug and get it!,
visit my site at to see more details.

Please if you have any feedback let me know! I welcome good and bad comments! :-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2 New Designs!! WOOOOT!

Ok so I am not that good with keeping my blog nice a meaty, I take full blame on that, but enough of slacking.
I finally finished 2 designs which I am very proud of.  Hopefully this 2 will be for sale at my store at some point, but for now.. what does everyone think? Also Im thinking of designing 2 more pics, just to have a lot  to choose from.
Please if anyone has any inputs or comments they are more than welcome!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Your Friend,
Yema Yema

Another happy YemaYema Friend!

So I just got a picture of Rumi!
She was very nice enough to send a pic  of her with her new tee!. Thanks Rumi!!
If you are interested in getting this amazing shirt!, just stop by our website, where you can find more amazing designs made with lots of love!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nito goes corporate!

So, one of our amazing customers took her shirt to work. She works at the Weather Channel, and was nice enough to send us a pic on her environment with a really awesome Nito shirt!.

Thanks KC!! Nito loves you too!!